Tips to Reduce your Water Bill in NYC

Saving water is a powerful way to reduce your overall monthly expenses, especially in NYC, where water is always being used for something weather it be brushing your teeth, cleaning dishes, taking a shower or washing clothing. Here are some of the top tips to save your money on your water bill next month!

Use Your Dishwasher Effectively

Conflicting to general certainty, it takes extra water to hand-wash dishware before running them in the dish washer. After cooking and eating your dinner, a great practice is to use a small amount of water on a sponge to clean your dishes before putting them in the dish washer. Never leave your dirty dishes out at night because it may take extra water to clean off hardened food.

You are going to use the similar quantity of water either when full or an incomplete load. So, it is better to operate your dishwasher when it becomes full. Load your dish washer effectively every time. Think of it as a fun game!

Turn the water off when Brushing your Teeth

This one may sound obvious, but many people in New York forget to turn the water off while they are brushing their teeth! After you put your toothpaste on, you simply need to put a little water on the toothbrush and you are good to go!

Install a Faucet Aerator

It bolts onto the lowest part of your spout to decrease water flow, without dropping the pressure of water. You even can get some that rotate to aim straight where you want it.

Heat Water on the Stove or use the Microwave

By heating water through stove or by using a microwave, you ultimately will be using less water and not running the tap until the water is hot.

Install a Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater

If you frequently need warm water for vessels, dish washing, and warm drinks, contemplate fitting a point-of-use hot water boiler which is also an immediate system of hot water under the sink of your kitchen. It will supply you with hot water as soon as you are going to turn on the tap.

Take Showers for shorter period of time

Set a goal for having a shower for only five minutes (efficient) and reduce your water flow. Plan your shower ahead and keep your shampoo, conditioner and soap in close range.

Water is most important thing on the earth for the purpose of life. Each and every creation needs water to stay alive. So, its our most important duty to save water not only for saving the money of our utility bills but for the purpose of helping and sharing this blessing wit.h everyone other than yourself. So, save water so, you can save lives too

Are there any tips we are missing? Let us know!

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