10 Ways to Increase Employee Recycling Engagement

Employee Recycling Engagement

Employee Recycling Engagement is extremely important. Making sure employees understand and participate in company recycling initiatives is tough and becomes an afterthought for many companies. Use these 10 tips from to boost employee recycling engagement:

Source: Greenstar Recycling

employee recycling engagement infographic

Employee Recycling Engagement Infographic Summary:

1. Clearly State the purpose of new efforts and highlight the expected positive effects (cost savings, environmental impact, convenience, etc)

2. Change is difficult. To minimize growing pain, educate employees on how they fit into new programs. Each employee should have a defined role. The resulting sense of ownership will incraease buy-in and participation.

3. Recruit an employee to champion the cause within the company and have them work with others on a green team. It is best to have the green team report goals and results to their peers and leadership to grow the momentum and increase buy-in from all levels.

4. To maximize participation, set company-wide or departmental goals. Competitions can crease a fun atmosphere and positive buzz about the new initiatives.

5. Routinely display company progress toward posted goals. Before starting the program, have your recycler conduct a waste audit to serve as a baseline for future comparisons.

6. Place bins in high traffic areas near office trash cans. This will crease opportunities for action without adding steps to existing routines and processes. Also, the addition of desk side bins gives everyone the opportunity to participate.

7. Companies often provide budgetary sales, and performance incentives. Why not do the same for recycling? Potential savings from recycling programs could offset this cost.

8. Ask your provider to educate employees on the recycling process through literature, presentations or even recycling facility tours. By understanding the steps in the process, employees will feel more invested in the success of the program.

9. Products made from recycled materials are plentiful and can provide a full-circle view of the recycling process for employees

10. Ensure all that can be recycled is being recycled to meet your overall diversion and cost reduction goals. Consult your recycling rep in order to identify new items that can increase the volume (and cost savings) within your recycling program.