12 Upcycled Lamp Creations


Sick and tired of your store-bought, boring every day run of the mill lamp? Check out these 12 upcyled lamp creations that are purely awe inspiring and create your own!

Source Lamps.com

Infographic Summary

1. Paint Swatch – Tape paint swatch strips together and use a hot glue gun to adhere to the shade

2. Magazines – Dress your lampshade in a collage of your favorite magazines.

3. Test Tubes – Fill test tubes with sand, colorful water, beads, fresh flowers or leave them empty.

4. Wine glasses – Place tea lights in wineglasses and cover with vellum paper. Create folds or punch holes for extra pattern.

5. Bottle Caps – Punch holes on the side of the caps and string together with brass wire.

6. Bowl – Cut the bottom of a bowl big enough to fit the light socket.

7. Spoons – Detach spoons from the stem and glue on an empty water jug.

8. Egg cartons – cut cups of an egg carton and glue together.

9. Plunger – Just shorten the stem of a plunger and hang from the ceiling

10. Straws – Stuff the holes of a mesh wire basket with straws and hang

11. Milk Crates – Take that old crate from the garage and make it into a lantern

12. Jars – Make hanging or standing lamps or a little night light.