31 Top Thrift Store Tips for Success

31 Top Thrift Store Tips

Are you Looking for some Thrift Store Tips? Well you have cme to the right place. In this awesome upcycling/thrifting video, Mary shares 31 top tips for navigating the thrift store. In 2017, thrifting is becoming widely popular as people of all ages look for creative ways to save money, the environment and get creative with materials and treasures.

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31 Best Thrift Tips Summary:

1 Empty your car before you leave: You never know what you will find and you need all the space for your haul.

2. Bring a blanket – You don’t know if the items you bring back will be dusty, fragile or made of glass.

3. Quick Change Outfit – Don’t wear clothes that are complicated and hard to take off and put back on

4. Slip off shoes If you want to try on shoes, wear shoes that are easy to take on and off

5. Hands free bag – Tote bag, messenger bag, shoulder bag or cross body. You need your hands free when you are thrifting.

6. Makeshift Dressing room – Long skirt.

7. Dressing room rejects – Check the merchandise that was left behind.

8. Carry around maybe’s – you may regret not picking it up or someone else could steal it.

9. Even when sold, don’t leave it long – Someone can lift the sold tag and snag it up!

10. Play it cool – Stalk, and watch how other people are interacting with the items.

11. Start with furniture and glassware – It gets your confidence up and gives you a reason to keep going.

12. Study lines and shape – Make sure the item is worth it and not too destroyed.

13. Assess your investment – Is it worth it?

14. Search off season – Find the really good items that people are not typically looking for.

15.  Out of town thrift – Score with great items from “exotic” locations.

16. Check for Sales – Something is always on sale!

17. Be extra nice – Flattery will get you everywhere

18. Charge your phone – You don’t want your phone battery to dye

19. Home your eye – Find the balance of looking and enjoying

20. Numbers game – Hit and miss at every thrift store.

21. Watch for new merch – Brand new from the back.

22. If it’s smelly, skip it! – Enough said.

23. Discretion – Just because its cheap, dosen’t mean you need it

24. Jewelry Case – Easy to overlook

25. Style Doppelganger – Go on a run of finding your size everywhere.

26. Good rugs and Perfect White Tee’s are RARE – A score and a half.

27. Keep baby wipes and hand sanitizer – It get’s really dirty sometimes when thrifting.

28. Bring measuring tape – You will need to measure furniture so it fits in your living space.

29. Gold is where you find it – You can’t always dismissing something, you never know where the gold will be.

30. Mums the word – Don’t talk about thrifting (it’s like fight club)

31. Have fun!