Advantages of Upcycling and Project Ideas!


The Cleaning Services Group created an awesome infographic showing the many benefits of upcycling and some DIY project ideas for your kitchen, bedroom, living room and office. Try these upcycling projects and let us know how they came out!

Ultimate Upcycling: Turning Trash into Treasure

Financial Benefits:

Upcycling will save you money, as you can possibly save on the original planned purchase of a new product

Environmental Benefits: 

This is the major benefit that comes with upcycling! Upcycling reduces landfill waste sites and also lessens the need for manufacturing, as you create your own goods.

Economic Benefits:

From a governmental perspective money is saved by avoiding the process of recycling and environmental landfill costs.

Educational, Spiritual and Creative Benefits:

Upcycling products has an obvious educational and creative process but it also had a spiritual element. As when you’re done you know you’re benefiting the environment and saving the world.


Create an all purpose knife block – A simple and stylish upcycling project! An old wooden box instantly becomes a chic knife block when filled with skewers!

Create the perfect seal – Opened a plastic bag and now want it sealed? This is the simplest trick to create a perfect air-tight seal! simple cut off the top of the bag through the neck, and then twist the cap on around the plastic.

Organize your cupboards – Small loose items can be a nightmare to keep organized in the kitchen. To contain clutter simply use an old hanging shoe rack to organize your pantry or cupboard.


Space saving jewelry holder – keeping your jewelry organized can be quite tricky and the average jewelry holder  tends to take up vital space in your bedroom. A simple and easy upcycling trick is to turn your old bulletin boards into a jewelry organizer.

Create a 6 pair shoe rack – Summer footwear is typically small and easy to store, however, a box full of sandals can be a mess. Create a simple 6 pair shoe rack by decorating an old wine box.

Simple handbag storage – Keeping handbags neat and tidy couldn’t be easier. Using old shower hooks you can hang them in your closet or wardrobe. Bonus, you can hang bags with certain clothes so you have an outfit ready to go!

Living Room:

Turn an old door frame into a coffee table – shabby chic decor is in style and upcycling is the perfect way to achieve this look in your home. Using an old door you can fashion a coffee table. Just attach furniture legs and you’re finished!

Create funky light fixtures – This upcycling project may require an electrician, so be sure that you’re being safe. Upcycle old mugs, bottles and bowls into light fixtures.

Use old books as shelves – Older books are beautiful and can be incorporated into your decor. Simply screw shelf brackets into the wall and place them firmly into the bottom section of the book’s pages. For an even chicer look, stack more books on top so it looks like they’re floating.


Neatly store computer cables – When computer cables aren’t in use they can create a mess, and become tangled easily. Reuse toilet paper rolls to neatly stack and organize cables and chords.

Keep cables in place – Have you ever unplugged a cable only to have it fall below your desk and become tabgled. Use paperclips to keep your cables in place, they’ll be easier to find when you need them!

Tangle free cable storage – Need to keep track of longer cables and keep them from getting tangled? Use old CD cases to store and organize cables, you’ll guarantee untangled cables every time!