Car Tire Recycling Statistics: The Basics

Car Tire Recycling Statistics

It is everyone’s responsibility to recycle and use whatever we can. This infographic by Pelmar shows car tire recycling statistics and important information about car tire recycling. Car tires are the most important among of products we should recycle.

Infographic of Car Tire Recycling statistics

Infographic Summary: Car Tire Recycling Statistics

Did you know that 7 gallons of crude oil = 1 Car Tire? Crude oil damages our ecosystem in the land, air and sea. We need to do everything we can to protect the environment and recycling car tires properly can really help heal the earth.

More reasons to recycle car tires:

  • One scrap tire for every man is generated by the united states motorists
  • During 2003, the states was able to produce 290 million scrap tires
  • 27 million scrap tires go to the landfills in the states
  • Recycled scrap tire can be used for rad paving, landfill liners etc
  • 38 states have a complete ban on landfilling tires since 2001

Scrap Tires left unattended have many hazards:

  • Mosquitos breed in trapped rain water in tires
  • Tires are not degradable and hence landfilling poses a huge threat
  • In case of fire accidents in dump spots, the fire is very difficult to extinguish

Tire Recycling Process:

  1. Vulcanization
  2. Shredding
  3. Magnetic Separation
  4. Fabricating