Environmental Footprint of the Average American

With president Trump’s recent decision to pull the United States of America out of the Paris Climate Agreement more and more American’s are starting to wonder about the future of the planet and how their daily activities add up and impact the sustainability of mother Earth. Here is an important infographic showing the environmental footprint of an American over the course of a lifetime.

The average american has a carbon foot print that:

  • Exceeds 20 tons
  • Sends 64 tons of waste into a landfill during lifetime
  • Throws away 15 tons of plastic from food packaging during lifetime
  • Throws away 43, 371 cans during lifetime
  • Creates about 500 pounds of dirty laundry per year
  • Owns 15 computers during their lifetime – To make one computer 530 lbs of fossil fuels, 48 lbs of assorted chemicals and 1.7 tons of water
  • Drives an average of 11,000 miles a year and 627,000 during a lifetime which is equivalent to traveling around the world 25 times and requites 31,350 gallons of gasoline, enough to fill 3 large tanks
  • Takes 28,433 shows during lifetime which uses over 700,000 gallons of water
  • Uses 272 sticks of deodorant
  • Uses 656 bars of soap
  • Lives in 10 homes which equals more than 64 trees used for lumber
  • Uses 1.277 million gallons of water over lifetime beyond showering