Going Green at the Office: 7 Simple Tips

Going Green at the Office: 7 Tips

Going green at the office can make you feel better about the place you work while more importantly improving the health of the environment. Every day, employees around the globe commute to the office and follow a similar routine as the weeks and years go by.

If you travel for work, make sure you stay in a green hotel to reduce your environmental impact.

Getting immersed in work it is easy to forget about how the little things you do every day affect the environment as a whole. Here are 7 tips on how to reduce your environmental impact at the office.

Source: Information Experts

infographic about going green at the office

Switch your Bulbs

Lighting accounts for roughly 35% of electricity usage in U.S offices. To help reduce your office’s energy consumption – switch out old incandescent bulbs with company fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), which use 66% less energy and can last up to 13x longer

Put Computers to Sleep

Activating “Sleep Mode” on just 1 computer can prevent roughly 300 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions a year. 75%

Recycle your e-waste

According to the EPA, only 18% of e-waste is recycled. Recycle your used electronics (e-waste) responsibly to keep toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, beryllium, cadmium and arsenic out of landfills and potentially out of groundwater.

Recycle your Paper

Recycle 1 ton of paper and save 7,000 gallons of water, 17 mature trees, and 2 barrels of oil.

Work from Home

Telecommuting benefits the environment by reducing auto emissions, gas and energy consumption. The average company savings per full-time teleworking employee is $10,000 annually! Working from home also increases productivity and can boost your mood!

Green your Brew

Replacing your office coffee with a fair-trade, shade-grown or organic version. Rain forests are not destroyed in the production of shade-grown coffee because the beans are grown under a canopy of trees.

Organic coffee is grown without pesticides and herbicides, which lowers the consumers’ and the Earth’s exposure to toxins. You can also use your coffee cups more then once to save paper.

Add Plants to your Office

Adding plants to your office cleans indoor air by reducing dust, bacteria and mold! One plant for every 3 people improves air quality.

We hope these tips make it easier to covnience the owners of your company that going green at the office should be a top priority.