Recycling Glass in the UK: Why Bother?


Glass is one of the widely used consumer materials for a variety of products spanning all industries. Every day people throw out and forget to recycle glass. Here are some stats and reasons why you should bother to recycle glass all the time!


Infographic Summary

  • 587,000 tonnes of glass recycled in 2001, saved enough energy to launch 10 space missions!
  • Recycling 1 bottle will power a 50-watt light bulb for 2 hours


  • 290gkg of co2 is saved for every tonne of glass recycled
  • 1km provided you take at least two wine bottles and don’t drive further than one kilometre, you’re saving co2

Raw Materials

  • For every tonne of recycled glass used 1.2 tonnes of raw material is saved


  • 14 Million glass bottles and jars are needlessly sent to landfill every day

UK Glass Data

  • On average each household in the UK uses 331 glass bottles and jars a year
  • Recycling mixed with glass is worth 153 million euro
  • Glass accounts for 7% of the waste in the average dustbin
  • Annual UK glass packaging-waste is 2.7 Million tonnes
  • 1.6 Million tonnes is recycled leaving 1 Million tonnes in landfills