ReFashion Week NYC 2020 Recap

ReFashion Week NYC 2020 Recap

If you are looking for events in the New York City tristate area that promote recycling and upcycling you should check out ReFashion Week NYC 2020. This event occured From February 22nd – February 28th but there is always 2021 to participate again!

Refashion week celebrates secondhand and sustainable upcycled fashion in NYC, with  several events made to update your style and ReFashion your universe. The event included shopping, swapping, mending, and discussions. Sustainible fasion has become a huge trend for New Yorkers in 2020. Let’s face it, nobody like spending exorbatent amounts of money on designer clothes and we live in an age where sometimes the right thing to do for the environment is crafting osmething for yourself.

According to ReFashion week, The average NYC household throws away 120 pounds of textiles each year. This is equivalent to 200,000 tons of clothing, shoes, linens and accessories that are sent to landfills. New Yorkers need to be better about how they treat their clothes and respect the fact that many people around the world don’t even have clean clothing to wear on a daily basis.

If New Yorkers can keep 200,000 tons of textiles out of our New York City landfills each year we collectively can reduce greenhouse gas emmisions by 461,388 metric tons and energy usage by 4,217,909 million BTUs! This equals planting 378,388 acres of air-cleaning forest or keeping 98,798 cars off the road for a whole entire year. Here are some ideas how to start reducing textile waste.

The second annual refashion week event was sponsored by donateNYC and The Foundation for New York’s Strongest and included Stylists, Designers, a host comittee, an advisor board, judges and creatives. The event was a massive success and a great step in the direction of sustainibility for New York City.

ReFashion Week NYC 2020 Video Recap

Lists of stylists at Refashion week:

  • Joel Parada for Big Reuse
  • Sheryl Roberts for Goodwill
  • Gianni Eman for Big Reuse,
  • Allison Duncil for Housing Works
  • Rose Mae Turner for Housing Works
  • Giselle Mazano Ramirez for Goodwill
  • Svitlana Hrabovsky for Goodwill
  • Katherine Elazbeth Loughry,
  • Ashley Campbell for Goodwill
  • Niko Liakaris for Cauz

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