Repurpose Your Cat Litter Jug (Infographic & Ideas)

Repurpose Your Cat Litter Jug (Infographic & Ideas)

If you have a cat, you know that you will constantly be buying cat litter. There is no way around it and all the huge plastic jugs of litter are generally just tossed away and hopefully recycled most of the time. Unfortunatly, a lot of pet owners just toss them away without realizing the potential to craft something that could be extremely useful.

Plastic waste is a real problem around the world and we need to do everything we can to reduce, reuse, recycle and upcyle plastics from all areas of daily living. According to seedscientific, around 91% of plastic is not recycled. Over 60 years of mass platic production created 6.3+ tons of trash and only 12% of that has been detroyed.

If you are feeling crafty, check out some of these cat litter upcycle ideas by I’m sure you can even think of some creative new upcycle projects.

Upcycle your Cat Litter Infographic

Upcycle your Cat Litter Containers: Infographic Summary

1. Pet Food Storage

Plastic Cat litter jugs can easily be cleaned out for dry food storage. Next time you see yourself staring at an empty one, after cleaning just replace with dry pet food. This will save you a trip to the recycling room and space in your home.

2. Bins for your Kid’s toys

Create a sturdy and versatile storage container for your kids or pets. Simple cut it in half and place items inside. It’s that easy!

3. Flower Pot

Have a green thumb? You can easily use a cut cat litter container as a flower pot.

4. De-Icing Scoop

Getting ice off your front porch or driveway is never an easy task. For this project you need to cut the container at the right angle and you will be de-icing your driveway in no time.

5. Tailgate Cooler

Impress your friends and family before the game when they reach into your hand crafted tailgate cooler for a cold one.

6. A CD Tote

Do people still actually own CD’s? Well, if you happen to have them, give this a shot.

7. Containers for Arts & Crafts

The tubs are generally pretty large and uniform in size, making them a solid choice for storing arts and crafts supplies.

8. Mini Trash Can

An empty cat litter bin is the perfect size for a portable trash can. You don’t even really need to many any modifications to have a working prototype.