Sculptures from Paper: Li Hongbo

Li Hongbo - paper crafts

Li Hongbo is a Chinese artist born in the Jilin province in 1974. We stumbled upon this amazing video showing some of his unbelievable works of art created exclusively from paper. In his artwork he likes to use items and subjects that we often see in our everyday lives – ordinal, natural and familiar objects. Li is master at shaping and creating mind blowing pieces of art with paper.

Li’s sculptures can move, stretch and ultimately blow your mind. It has been noted that each piece of artwork is comprised of about 7,000 or 26,000 sheets of white paper stacked on top of eachother and glued into a honeycomb structure that gives the piece of art sturdiness and flexibility. Here is what Li can do with paper, what about you?

Di Li inspire you to create magic out of paper? Let us know! Learn the benefits of recycling paper cups here if you want to learn more on the subject.