Sustainable Home Cleaning Tips (10 Practical Suggestions)

A rising number of non-toxic home cleaning goods are being produced and sold around the world. Some of these items are even going down in price and can fit your budget. Here is a list of some most common, ecologically safe elements that you can use.

Environmental friendly ways to make your home neat and clean

1. The trick of microwaving a lemon

Lemons are your helpers when it comes to the matter of natural cleaning. You can use them on almost any surface to remove dirt and you will enjoy a nice lemon smell. This is especially great in the kitchen.

2. Shovel and brush it.

Do not go for the vacuum cleaner out for each and every small scrap dropped on the carpet. This increases your electricity bill and causes more wear and tear on your vacuum.

3. Replace the toxic products that you have.

Try to know about the basic non-toxic cleaning materials. Understand the quality of the water that is being used in your house and read the label on every cleaning product in your cabinet. Make your indoor environment pleasant using natural ingredients. Use antibacterial detergents. Make your home a place of pleasant fragrance. Save your materials to make some homemade substitutions. Use baking soda to clean in general. Use citrus solvents to clean your paint brushes, oil and grease.

4. Conserve water.

This one is really a no brainer. Use less water and have a lower water bill. Don’t just dump out water bottles when you are done. Use them to water plants or for other tasks around the house.

5. Declutter and stock

The more trinkets you have out on exteriors to dust, the more control you lose over the dirt in your home. Oragnize everything in your house and remove the clutter.

 6. Reach for the vinegar

Not just for making salad covering and making your chips delicious, vinegar is another megastar kitchen items that duos up as a major product of cleaning.

Use it for things like eliminating the cloudy deposits from the glasses of wine, to cleaning up leather sofas, but do not use it on floors made of hardwood.

7. Use plants to freshen the air

According to a research result of NASA, a potted plant will do just as good a job at cleaning the air then air spray. Use spider plants and for starters.

8. Hand wash clothes

Only have a small number of items to wash? Consider washing them by hand or acquaint yourself with eco settings of the washing machine that you have. Try to wash everything when it is above 30C.

9. Cut the use of tumble dryer

It may not be the season of summer, but there is still a nice bit of breeze in the air outside. Try to dry your clothes outdoor for as much as possible or you can use or use a rack in your house.

10. Wash your clothes by hand

Simple, but you are really do the environment a big favor and saving money by not using the washer and dryer.

These are some basic things that you can change in your lifestyle to live happy and healthy. Just change your behavior for daily routine work and got better.